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The data bank of Fotocoop offers the user the opportunity of seeing photographic pictures of the iconographic archive of Editrice Cooperativa used for the edition of the magazines “La Cooperazione Italiana” and “La posta illustrata”. The digitalized pictures, about 16.000 prints, date back from the end of years forty to the end of years seventy of the twentieth century.
The shots, made by well-known photographic agencies too, concern scenes of work , institutional moments of cooperative societies or organizations of cooperative representation both Italian and foreign, pictures of cooperative directors and of political and labor union manifestations.
The collection, through the flow of pictures, is the testimony of the historic, economic and custom changes that took place in Italy after World War II up to years eighty of the twentieth century.

Consulting advices

The descriptions of the pictures or of the photographic services shown in the data bank respect the original organization of the archive.
The archive organized in boxes shows a subdivision in envelopes, on which a general repartition of the subjects is indicated. Inside sub-envelopes are collected and regard the same thematic group. The explanation concerning every picture is the one shown on the sub-envelope. When possible the place and date on which the picture was shot are indicated.

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